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Do I need to buy a separate AIR CONVEYANCE SYSTEM with my ball washing machine?


If you plan to simply wash balls periodically with no show of colorful ball movement, you will need the inexpensive flexline system which consists of a short length of flexline to vacuum dirty balls from the ballpool to the HyGenie™ and a similar length through which to blow cleaned balls back to the ballpool. Vacuum and pressure are supplied by the machine.

If you want to display colorful ball movement as part of your cleaning process and/or if you want to clean balls while kids are playing in the ballpool then you will need the Interactive Air Conveyance hard clear tube system for conveying balls back and forth between the Ball Washer and the ballpool. Interactive Systems also provide two play features: 1) hit the target to send balls to the machine for cleaning and 2) catch them when they return. An Air Conveyance System can be simple and relatively inexpensive as shown in Standard Interactive Air Conveyance or more elaborate as illustrated in Custom Interactive Air Conveyance. Some route the clear tubing over the dining area and back to the machine.

Do I need fixed water and drain lines to hook-up HyGenie™?


All HyGenie™ machines are built to operate "Self-Contained". Self-Contained means water and detergent are loaded in the machine which is moved on casters to wherever you need it. You simply discard dirty water and put in fresh water and detergent as needed. You only need an electrical outlet to plug into. YOU CAN HAVE FIXED WATER AND DRAIN LINES at a permanent location for your HyGenie™ Model 10B. If you choose this approach. It will add some cost to your machine.

Will any detergent do?


Heavy foaming can cause problems. HyGenie™ recommends SNAP detergent or an equivalent. SNAP is specially formulated for HyGenie™ machines. You can use other liquid detergents if they produce very little foaming with equal germ killing power.

SNAP Antibacterial Detergent

If my HyGenie™ malfunctions or breaks, what do I do?

It could be something simple, so first look for obvious answers such as power outage, unplugged power cord, blown fuses, broken or too soft balls jammed-up in the machine or lines, etc. Refer to the machine manual for quick help and better understanding of the machine in preparation for calling the factory to describe the problem. Your machine is warranted for one year covering defects in workmanship and materials. A qualified technician is available to help diagnose the problem and offer assistance and replacement parts as needed. Our phone number is 1-800-364-2255 or 1-336-265-8981. We have never had a problem reported that could not be corrected with a phone call or two.

If I need more balls for my ballpool, where can I get quality replacements at reasonable prices?

You may visit www.ballpoolballs.com for ordering information. 21st Century Products, Inc. manufactures HyGenie™ and GermBlock™ ballpool balls. HyGenie™ owners may ask for a 5% discount on balls. Have your HyGenie™ serial number handy when you call to order balls.

Will HyGenie™ handle any diameter or weight balls?


HyGenie™ is designed to clean regular light weight thin wall plastic ballpool balls 73mm (2-7/8") to 82mm (3-1/8") diameter. Heavy rubber or thick wall balls are generally not used in ballpools and are too heavy to be conveyed by vacuum and air pressure. HyGenie™ is not designed for hazardous small diameter balls - which children might put in their mouth, thus a choking hazard. A safe ballpool ball should be no smaller than 2-7/8" (73mm) and be light-weight - approximately 12-14 grams - so as not to become a harmful object when thrown at another child.

Can I include the TARGET and PICK-UP WAND for rapid clean-up with my HyGenie™ System without having to also buy Standard or Custom Interactive Air Conveyance System?


Target and Pick-up Wand can be attached directly to the HyGenie™ machine. However, you would not have the visual benefit of colorful ball movement through clear plastic tubes to entertain customers that the Interactive Systems provide. Call us at 1-800-364-2255 or 1-336-265-8981 for details, specifications and pricing.

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