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Ball washing involves more than just the washing machine. A means to collect and move balls from the ballpool to the machine and after washing return clean balls are both essential parts of an efficient ball washing system.

The HyGenie machine itself generates positive air (pressure) and negative air (vacuum) to move balls in both directions. Vacuum sucks balls to the machine and positive pressure propels balls back to the ballpool after washing. Air and balls travel through the AIR CONVEYANCE SYSTEM, which may be laid out in various routes and configurations for ball movement to heights and distances limited only by the power of the HyGenie model to which it is connected.

HyGenie models (not shown) are available to move balls up to 30 feet in height under pressure and 75 feet horizontal distance. There are two basic Air Conveyance Systems: FLEXLINE and INTERACTIVE for all HyGenie models.

FLEXLINE consists of two flexible tubes (vacuum and pressure) connected to the machine and laid across the floor to the ballpool for conveying balls back and forth. Lines are generally removed during playtime and stored until needed for the next cleaning. This system allows less visibility of ball movement as compared to INTERACTIVE.

INTERACTIVE consists of hard clear plastic tube and elbows, open gravity track and other components permanently installed between the HyGenie machine and ballpool. Interactive provides maximum visibility of dynamic ball movement and may be configured to cover greater height and distances as further described under Custom Interactive. All HyGenie Ball Washer / Ball Mover models can be used with either Interactive or Flexline Air Conveyance Systems.

Flexline System

This system consists of Flexlines for conveying balls between ballpool and ball washer / ball mover - includes necessary clamps, adapters and interface pieces and may be used with or without Target Assembly and Pick-up Wand (priced separately).

Standard Interactive System

Includes clear, hard plastic tube, elbows, connecting sleeves, open track, open track elbows, interface pieces, flexline, connectors, target assembly, pick-up wand and installation hardware for 9' vertical x 9' horizontal ball conveyance.

View Standard Interactive System Detailed Spec Sheet (Acrobat Reader Required)
View Standard Interactive System w/ Spiral (Acrobat Reader Required)

Custom Interactive System

Includes all the components of the Standard Interactive System described above PLUS additional components to create a larger or special layout specifically for your unique play facility. We will help design your Custom System without charge if you send us your dimensioned floor plan showing ceiling height(s), location of ballpool(s), approximate location of HyGenie machine and approximate route for conveyance tubes between ballpool(s) and the HyGenie. The cost of the components to create your unique Custom Interactive System can only be determined after the layout has been finalized.

View an example Custom Interactive System Layout (Acrobat Reader Required)

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