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Why HyGenie?
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Why HyGenie?

HyGenie Ball Washer/Ball Mover, the leader in ball cleaning machines to fit any play installation and budget anywhere in the world.

Ballpools have been known by many names; ballpit, ballpen, ballcrawl, ballbounce, ballbath and others. So, whatever you call one, cleanliness, hygiene, and child safety are important to parents. When parents see your concern for their child's safe play, they will return time after time, and tell their friends that your family entertainment center (FEC), skating rink, bowling alley, childcare center or restaurant has a HyGenie Ball Washer / Ball Mover to help protect children against the spread of harmful bacteria and other germs.

Ball moving offers exciting opportunities to create fun play features and visual entertainment for children and parents at your facility. The HyGenie Ball Washer / Ball Mover adds labor saving rapid clean up, interactive play features, and safe clean play for children of all ages to your play facility.

Here are twelve ways that HyGenie will increase traffic and improve your bottom line:

Sparkling Clean Balls

HyGenie Ball Washers / Ball Movers feature continuous sanitizing and conveyance of balls between the ballpool and the washer. This allows for rapid clean up after hours or in case of accidents.


Designed by professionals with safety in mind. The full-size Model UV 10B series features childproof lock and keyed access doors to keep kids out as well as no sharp edges or corners to scratch tender skin. The Model UV Super Mini has a lockable power switch to also prevent unwanted start up.


The new Super UV Mini features new and improved technology at low cost. Model uv-10C is the newest and best machine we have ever built, and it's certified by independent laboratory tests to remove 99.98% of bacteria from dirty balls.

Labor Savings

HyGenie’s high-speed advantage cleans balls at the rate of 8,000 to 10,000 balls per hour. Imagine the time and labor savings!

Play Features

Children love to play hit-the-target and catch the balls as they return to the ballpool when an Interactive Air Conveyance System with target is added.


Children and parents love to watch the colorful balls flying through the clear plastic tubes, open tracks and spirals. Some come back just to watch the balls move.

Ultraviolet Sterilization

HyGenie now comes equipped with ultraviolet sterilization as a standard feature on all models. There is no other system like it for control of bacteria, mold, virus, and algae. (Patents 5,373,597; 5,454,877; 5,669,096; 5,931,611; 6,112,906; Des. 417,532; GB 2,283,686).

Bad Ball Separator

The HyGenie model 10B with the Bad Ball Separator practically eliminates ball jamming by removing broken and deformed balls before they enter the wash chamber, allowing good balls to be cleaned and returned to the ballpool.

Public Relations

HyGenie shows your customers that you are committed to state-of-the-art ballpool cleaning and better hygiene for their kids. See the notice that accompanies every machine attesting to your commitment. You may want to post it for parents to see.

Attractive Design

HyGenie is nice looking equipment featuring state-of-the-art design and construction. The Hygenie is an attractive addition to any playground, family entertainment center, restaurant, skating rink, putt-putt or any other facility where children are to be entertained. Your customers will notice, and come back for repeat visits!


All Models are mobile, self-contained and easily moved from place to place.


HyGenie Ball Washers / Ball Movers are made by 21st Century Products, Inc., manufacturer of balls and ball cleaning equipment since 1993 and recognized worldwide for its product innovations and service to customers including after the sale.

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